Reach Architects is a faith-based, full-service Architecture & Engineering firm based in Austin, Texas, USA. Our body of work is varied, with the only common thread being that in each project we find a new opportunity to further the Kingdom of Heaven through our vocation— our “project for a more Christian architecture”.


Our work focuses on creating solutions that creatively and positively impact the people our projects serve. Our process involves an important combination of the people we work with, the environmental and social issues related to each site, and the technologies that can be implemented to achieve innovative buildings.


Bo Crockett grew up in Austin and is a founding principal of Reach Architects. Mr. Crockett received his Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and his Master of Architecture from Yale University where he received a Feldman Nomination from Bridget Shim and Hillary Sample. He was employed at Gray Organschi Architects, Overland Partners, Alex Garvin and Associates, Ryder HKS in London, and Jackson Galloway Architects. Mr. Crockett has been a guest critic at the Yale University School of Architecture.

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Bo Crockett

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