thrive senior living - montvale

program memory care / senior living

location montvale, new jersey

services design architect

"...creating communities where Elders not only love to live, but to Thrive..."

Thrive Senior Living (Thrive) is an Operator with vision and a passion to serve Elders with a multifaceted approach– at times everyday, at times ingenious, and at all times sincere.  The architectural design process with Thrive is all about setting the stage architecturally for Elders to thrive & empowering Thrive through architectural means to serve Elders in their Operations.  

Without giving away "the secret sauce", Thrive is serious about serving Elders.  Whether Thrive is leading our team in cutting-edge virtual reality experiences designed to elicit indelible empathy for Elders receiving memory care (Alzheimer's, Dementia); or we are discussing the implementation of research-based architectural tactics in service of Elders; or even looking to the wisdom of the past– Thrive strikes a wise balance between innovation & discernment.