Reach Architects was conceived in 2002 in answer to God’s calling “to help [God’s] children, where they need help.”

The founding partners of Reach Architects met some 20 years ago in undergrad architecture school.  Our fellowship coalesced under the conviction to serve God & love others with our architecture. This conviction led us to form a Faith-based develop/design/build studio serving the impoverished & marginalized colonias of south Texas during our time at Texas A&M University.  With this studio, we sought God's will with reckless abandon, trusting in God's providence.  Seeing that this approach bore much fruit, we determined to found a practice in 2012.

On the strength of our experience in the colonias of south Texas, we attended Yale University for our professional architectural education.  From graduate school, each of the founding partner went on his own path, but we met back up in Austin in 2012.

Over the years, we’ve explored many ways to build up what we call "a more Christian architecture."  By this, we only mean an architecture that is "more Christian" than had we not (1) considered, "how can what we're building or how we're building it be more Christian?" and, (2) acted intentionally upon this consideration.  Our practice is all about deep stewardship.  In the future, we hope to be involved not just in the design of projects but also in the development of projects as well. for a more in depth illustration of our story. use the full screen button on the lower right corner.