park central

midland, tx

The Park Central building, original built in 1962, had fallen into disrepare to the point where the project needed to be striped down to it's structural elements. The site in Midland is near the newly expanded hospital and has the potential to serve as an anchor to a new district that will bookend opposite the downtown core.


The strategy for the renovation was to take the three existing organizing elements of the project - the core, the tower floor plates, and the base - and strengthen their reading where previously each was muddied. The tower floor plates are given a new skin of glass, using modern assemblies to maximize the natural light for the interior. The second floor is detailed to read as a plenum or mezzanine to visually separate the reading of the tower from the base. The first level is clad in stone to anchor the project. The core, which is the tallest element and the main circulation, is detailed to extend it's reading from the top of the building down to the ground level and extend out to demarcate the main entries to the building.