rapid prototyping - a screen study


This was an exploration of taking a simple geometric form, the circle, and utilizing various means of digital fabrication in order to develop more complex relationships through repetition.


In order to establish a repetition, the first step was to define the unit. Early approaches led to the development of a two dimensional object. It was the intent that through the repetition of the modules the perceived focus would shift away from the singular object and to the overall composition of repeated objects, much like in the manner of figure/ground relationships. Using a water jet cutter, prototype stone tiles were cut with the intention of forming a collective array to create a modular screen as an architectural element.


Later steps sought to transition the two dimensional concept into 3D. The logical step was to transform the circles into spheres. Through a close packing of spheres and using a similar action of taking a series of section cuts through key points in the grouping, followed by trimming away unwanted material using Rhino3D, the final form emerged. The full scale object is intended to be a 12” cube composed of 1/2” thick intersecting spheres. The architectural application would be for a custom block screen wall.