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fabrication of the water tower bike rack

towards a more Christian architecture

project for a more Christian architecture

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We are excited to be collaborating with the students from AREA-ER (Alternative Real Estate Action—Experiential Research) from UT Austin on The Refuge!  AREA-ER is a design/build, community service seminar class focusing on voluntary and humanitarian work for the greate...


The Dove Tile Project has really spread its wings and taken off around schools in Austin, Texas! Since The Dove Tile Project has flown east to Reston, Virginia, we have created an instructional video for all of our participating schools and volunteers involved.  Our vi...


The dove tile project - Paint Our Prayers - is a creative collaboration that we initially conceived of as a pfamCa based project for our annual Christmas party. The concept has evolved into a larger effort through increased awareness and contributions from ceramic art...



Thomas Roncco


Where are you from? 

Bozeman, MT


What got you into architecture?

While working in commercial construction, I developed an appreciation for the built environment, but I wanted to be more involved on the design end.


Who inspires you?

As a human, Jesus. A...


Thank you so much to all of our family members, friends, and colleagues for coming out to Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza and helping us paint tiles for The Refuge for DMST. It is so great to see how the tiles transformed into such beautiful pieces of art - full of color, ch...


Some may say Christmas is over, but honoring our Savior’s birth is something we should all do more often, even in the simplest ways. In an effort to continually spread his love and joy throughout our community, we are creating dove tiles that together will form a tesse...



“You make me grow older more quickly than I can bear” – The Lady of Perelandra


Sometimes it is good for us to grow older, to wake up to reality through understanding. Our client, The Refuge for DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking) is advocating on behalf of those who...


We had the pleasure of joining the Saint John Paul II Life Center for their fourth annual benefit dinner, Today is the Day! at the Hyatt Downtown. Hearing the stories of several families who have faced difficult challenges, from unexpected pregnancies to infertility, a...


We recently traveled to Houston for the Texas Society of Architects’ 75th Annual Convention and Design Expo. It was great to see so many of our colleagues, former classmates and professors, and hear about all of the exciting work going on across Texas. We really enjoy...


Nothing is more fulfilling than feeling a sense of community. CultureNOW celebrates our cultural environment beyond the physical constraints of our museums, and envisions the world as a “Museum Without Walls.” Both their online gallery and phone app map art and archite...

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