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We learn a lot from working with local craftsmen in the Austin community. Recently, we teamed up with Vintage Material Supply to create a CNC milled formliner for our concrete tree wall in the vestibule of Woodcraft, Austin – one of our projects currently under construction.

Woodcraft is a retail facility that sells woodworking tools and supplies. We envision the vestibule to celebrate the craft of woodworking through various architectural assemblies: wood board formed concrete walls, mesquite pivot doors, cypress tongue and groove siding, and the 20 feet wide, 18 feet tall tree wall.


Conceptualizing and creating this wall has been quite an adventure, from finding the right tree and photographing it to 3D modelling to CNC milling. The final product is even yet to be realized, but we were able to get a great idea of its scale once we saw the finished formliner. Thanks to Vintage Material Supply for all their hardwork!

Vintage Material Supply

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