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What’s better than enjoying a fall evening outdoors in Austin? The Contemporary downtown hosts a Rooftop Architecture Film Series, showcasing the latest architecture documentaries. Of particular interest to us as part of our pfamCa mission was Sagrada, el misteri de la creaci, a film by Stefan Haupt about the great Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí i Cornet.

La Sagrada Familia, Gaudí’s magnum opus, is a great Christian cathedral in the European tradition— some 132 years in the making, still under construction in Barcelona today, and all for the glory of God! The curator of the film series set the tone for the evening by posing the insightful question, “What are we building up today?”

Indeed, our project for a more Christian architecture engages this question in seeking to make what we build up more Christian. In this sense, we find a mentor, a role-model, a predecessor, and a forebear in the inimitable, scholastically secularized & unteachable Christian architect, Antoni Gaudí.

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