dove tile tessellation

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Some may say Christmas is over, but honoring our Savior’s birth is something we should all do more often, even in the simplest ways. In an effort to continually spread his love and joy throughout our community, we are creating dove tiles that together will form a tessellation as part of a feature wall. The wall will be integrated into our design for The Refuge for DMST. Each tile will reflect a personal message to the girls through a prayer, poem, quote, or painting - which when all fit together will demonstrate our communal love and support for the girls at The Refuge. The process started by asking ourselves, “How can we have a more Christian Christmas party?” From there, the work was in God’s hands, and we were able to design and create a tessellation in our drawing software to use as a template for hand making the tiles. We are so excited for the painting to take place this Saturday and look forward to sharing the beauty that will come forth!

The Refuge for DMST

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