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The dove tile project - Paint Our Prayers - is a creative collaboration that we initially conceived of as a pfamCa based project for our annual Christmas party. The concept has evolved into a larger effort through increased awareness and contributions from ceramic art teacher, Anne Sykes, and her students at South Lakes High School in Reston, Virginia. Anne not only worked with her students to educate them on DMST and create over 100 colorful and heartfelt tiles, but also worked diligently to make 400 blank tiles out of recycled clay that will be painted at The Refuge fundraiser in September. We can't thank her and her students enough for contributing to the fight against DMST.

We are hoping to develop the project even further by getting local, national and international art programs involved. The beauty of this project is that it not only raises awareness about an extremely prevalent, yet overlooked crime in our society that desparately needs attention, but also demonstrates how the power of a community can really have an impact on the future of these girls' lives. Our hope is that each girl will recognize not only the physical beauty of the tile murals, but also that people have been praying for their peace and healing long before they even came to The Refuge. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in painting a tile, or contributing to the project in any way!

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