AREA-ER + reach: first work day on site!

We are excited to be collaborating with the students from AREA-ER (Alternative Real Estate Action—Experiential Research) from UT Austin on The Refuge! AREA-ER is a design/build, community service seminar class focusing on voluntary and humanitarian work for the greater good and challenging the status-quo of the built environment. During the course of the semester, the class will embrace and reinforce the mission statement of The Refuge--to help build a place of healing and restoration for female survivors of DMST. Together with AREA-ER, we aim to engage our local community, strengthen our resources, and conquer the horrific and immoral crime of DMST. As a society we hope to become more selfless, do God’s work here on earth, and help the girls find everlasting internal peace at The Refuge. If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to ‘reach’ out to us. More to come later! :)

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