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The Dove Tile Project has really spread its wings and taken off around schools in Austin, Texas! Since The Dove Tile Project has flown east to Reston, Virginia, we have created an instructional video for all of our participating schools and volunteers involved. Our video explains the significance behind the Dove Tile Project, how they will be integrated into The Refuge Ranch and a demonstration on how to make them. The Dove Tile Project has flown all over the United States to communities and churches in Virginia, Wisconsin, Montana, California, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, but has primarily made a tremendous impact locally here in Austin, Texas.

Building off the momentum from ceramic students at South Lakes High School, the Dove Tile Project has evolved into larger effort through increased awareness and contributions locally here in Austin. Pflugerville, Hendrickson, Connally and Westlake High School along with the Regents School and Valley View and Forest Trail Elementary School have participated in The Dove Tile Project and together have made over 2000 tiles! We had the privilege to speak to the students of Pflugerville High School during a Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) group about the mission of The Refuge Ranch and how their humanitarian efforts of The Dove Tile Project will be integrated into the beautiful courtyards of the girl’s cottages. We are honored so many students, teachers and parents have participated in this moving project and have thus spread awareness about DMST.


Since the issue may be a sensitive subject matter for students transitioning into high school, even as young as 11 years old, we feel it is important to raise the serious issue of DMST. The reality of the situation provides an education opportunity for high school students to create an open dialogue between parents and teachers about DMST, its societal effects, and its prevalence not only in the entire world, but locally in our own backyard. Educating our children and creating awareness can result in precautionary measures taken to ensure the safety and protection of our younger generation.

The amount of overwhelming support and feedback from students has become very positive and rewarding. From our support all over the United States, together we have begun to restore our faith in humanity through a single dove tile and slowly win our battle against DMST. That’s part of the beauty in these tiles that we never expected—they are raising so much awareness and dialogue in our communities about this serious problem!

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