via bus shelters

san antonio, tx

The City of San Antonio’s public transportation provider, VIA, with a limited budget, wanted to re-image their presence in downtown San Antonio by unifying their infrastructure with a common design language.


In order satisfy those two requirements, a modular design solution was developed which would allow VIA to implement new infrastructure in flexible phases as budgetary constraints allow.


The module begins with the basic information pylon. From there real time information can be added with a structurally supportive arm, which then supports the graphic poly-carbonate canopy, completing the single module. As a locations ridership level increases, additional modules can be added to increase the size of the shelter without having to replace existing pieces. The modular based design strategy also allows for multiple shelter configurations to accommodate varying site constraints.


The canopy panels will incorporate graphics produced by local artists through the means of a local competition. It is the intent to have the canopy panels glow during the evening hours to provide light, safety, as well as an iconic identity for public transportation in San Antonio.