yale building project 2005

new haven, ct

Since 1967, the Yale School of Architecture has offered its first-year students the unique chance to design and build a structure as part of their graduate education. Unique among architecture schools, this program is mandatory for all members of the class. The Building Project results in a single-family residence in an economically depressed neighborhood.


The design starts with a competition between teams of about 10 students. Over the course of a month designs are produced to a Design Develop Level, at which time one of the designs is chosen to build. The following two weeks are devoted to all students developing the drawing package to a full set of Construction Documents. Construction begins shortly thereafter, with all students involved for the first month into summer. After the first summer month, a team of about 12 students is chosen to carry the construction through completion as the full time construction crew.


Alan Knox was part of this class and a member of the full time summer construction crew.

Final presentation drawings by Jejong Yeung.

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